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Welcome to Tamils' Business Connections
The power of network...

 “Tamils’ Business Connections” is functioning with the prime objective of linking Tamils living around the globe and enhance their economic and cultural ties.  Due to our connections Tamil businesses are becoming more successful in the main stream markets as well. By promoting prosperity and co-operation among our businesses we are acting as a lounging pad for a greater Tamil business success.

Our Objectives are:..
  • ·         To act as a platform for all Tamil businesses

    ·         Promote interactive marketing & advertising channels

    ·         Create and provide more marketing opportunities for our members by forming collaborative relationships

    ·         Support our cultural activities through business promotions

    ·         Encourage new product development and helps to improve Tamils new business ideas

    ·         Provide meaningful intelligence strategies for the Tamil businesses

    ·         Encourage investment ideas in our homeland

    ·         Reduce the poverty in our homeland by sustainably utilizing the resources

    ·         Facilitate efficient knowledge and technology sharing

    ·         Ensure economic sustainability of our community

  • Promote and create new technology and invention ideas
  • Encourage new product development
  • Improve Tamils new business ideas
  • Stimulate Tamils small business ideas
Economic rewards...
  • Ensuring economic sustainability
  • Developing a global business relationship
  • Achieve our economic wellbeing
  • Stimulate economic development planning
  • Promote interactive marketing & advertising channels


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Business Search

To make your business searchable around the globe join us and get your mini website. Our SEO techniques put your business in the list of global search engines such as Google. 


Mini website:

We offer a mini website for each and every Tamil Business around the world. Each mini website contains the business logo, electronic business card, corporate video of the business, brief business description, location map, image gallery and other relevant information. 


Biz news

News article related to Tamil business, economy and business technology are featured here.  Through this the global audience can be influenced to understand the Tamil Business perspective.


Biz Media

Visuals covering Tamil business events and Cultural activities sponsored by Tamil Businesses are being put here. A Visual can be worth more than thousand words in this fast moving world.


Biz Coupons

We work with certain Tamil businesses and offer promotional discount coupons for our customers. Business owners can utilize this opportunity to reach a vast customer base through our promotional activities.


Biz Calendar

By putting your business events in our biz Calendar you can inform our customers about your activities with no additional cost. Biz Calendar can be utilised to put your visuals related to your events


Biz Links

For useful links visit our categorized Biz Links page. We do our research and frequently update these quality links to serve as a leading web directory.


Biz Classified


This section features classified advertisements. By placing your classifieds you can reach our ever growing viewers. Our listings include buying and selling of merchandises, Employment Opportunities, real estate listings, autos and more.