• Things to Consider Before Starting a Business
    Things to Consider Before Starting a Business Examine your goals and expectations before you decide to become your own boss. Lifestyle Change: Many people find that while they can make a good income working for other people, they are missing some of life's precious moments. With the flexibility of small business ownership, you can take time to stop and enjoy the movement of your life. Respect: Successful small business owners are respected, both by themselves and their peers. Money: You can get rich in a small business, or at least do very well financially. Most entrepreneurs don't get wealthy, but some do. If money is your motivator,…

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Tamils' Business Connections launched a website, www.tamilbizcard.com in October 2008 which is an emerging online multi-media database of Tamil businesses around the world. Its core responsibility to work together with Tamil Communities around the globe to amalgamate all the business in the site and boost our overall economy. As a result, Tamils' Business connections can identify the barriers our businesses face in their efforts to productively contribute to our communities, to build individual and collective wealth, and to contribute to our economic well-being